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The CZUR Aura series of book scanners, which includes models like the CZUR Aura, CZUR Aura Pro, and CZUR Aura X, are innovative scanning devices designed for digitizing books, documents, and other printed materials quickly and easily. These scanners are equipped with features that make them suitable for both personal and professional use, such as in libraries, archives, and offices. Key features of CZUR Aura book scanners:
  1. Overhead Camera: The CZUR Aura book scanners feature a high-resolution overhead camera that captures images of the pages from above. This setup allows for a non-destructive scanning process, as it doesn't require flattening or damaging the book spine.
  2. Fast Scanning: The CZUR Aura series is known for its speed. It can scan a double-page spread in just one second, making it a great choice for digitizing large volumes of materials efficiently.
  3. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): These scanners often come with OCR software that can convert scanned text into editable and searchable digital formats, such as Word documents or PDFs.
  4. Auto-Flatten and Page Turn Detection: The scanners automatically flatten curved book pages and detect page turns, resulting in better image quality and ease of use.
  5. Real-time Preview: You can see the scanning progress and image preview in real-time on your computer, making it easy to monitor the quality of scans.
  6. Various Size Compatibility: CZUR Aura scanners can handle a range of document sizes, from small items like business cards to larger books or newspapers.
  7. User-Friendly Software: CZUR provides user-friendly software for managing and editing scanned documents, making the digitization process straightforward.
  8. Foldable Design: Some models feature a foldable design for easy storage when not in use.
It's important to note that CZUR may release new models and software updates, so the specific features and capabilities may vary depending on the model and the release date. Before purchasing a CZUR Aura book scanner, it's a good idea to check the latest product specifications and read user reviews to ensure it meets your specific needs for digitizing books and documents.


The CZUR ET16 Plus is a scanner that is designed for book scanning and document digitization. Here are some key features and information about the CZUR ET16 Plus scanner:
  1. Book Scanning: The CZUR ET16 Plus is designed to scan books and other documents without the need for flattening or damaging the pages. It uses a V-shaped book cradle that can hold the book open at an angle for easy scanning.
  2. High-Quality Scanning: It is capable of high-resolution scanning with up to 16-megapixel image quality. This ensures that text and images are captured with clarity.
  3. Auto-Flatten and Page Turning Detection: The scanner features automatic page flattening and page turning detection, which helps in capturing clean and undistorted scans even for books with curved pages.
  4. Smart OCR (Optical Character Recognition): The CZUR ET16 Plus scanner comes with OCR software that allows you to convert scanned documents into editable and searchable text. This is useful for digitizing printed materials and making them searchable.
  5. Fast Scanning: It is known for its fast scanning speed, capable of scanning a double-page spread in under 1.5 seconds. This makes it efficient for digitizing books and large documents.
  6. Compatibility: The scanner is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
  7. Foldable Design: The ET16 Plus has a foldable design, which makes it easy to store when not in use.
  8. Multiple File Formats: It supports a variety of file formats for saving scanned documents, including PDF, Word, JPEG, and TIFF.
  9. Multiple Language Support: The OCR software supports multiple languages, making it suitable for digitizing documents in various languages.
  10. USB Connectivity: It connects to your computer via USB, making it easy to transfer scanned documents.
  11. Additional Features: The CZUR ET16 Plus scanner also includes features like foot pedal for hands-free scanning, real-time image processing, and the ability to scan 3D objects and more.
The CZUR ET16 Plus is a versatile scanner designed for users who need to digitize books, documents, and other printed materials while maintaining their original condition. It is a popular choice for home users, students, professionals, and libraries, among others.


CZUR Lens Pro Scanner
  • Sensor: 12 Megapixels.
  • Resolution: 4032 x 3024 / 330 DPI.
  • Scan Speed: 1 Sec/Page.
  • Scan Area: A4 Size.
  • Export Format: PDF, Word, Excel.
  • Special Features: Zero Second Warmup Time.
  • Foldable Design.
  • Direct USB Powered.


CZUR Shine 800 Pro Smart Scanner
Brands Czur
Optical Resolution 3264 x 2448 / 270 DPI
Media Types A4 Size
Interface USB Powered
Dimension 492 x 175 x 217mm


The CZUR Shine Ultra is a book scanner produced by CZUR, a company known for its document scanning and imaging solutions. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the CZUR Shine Ultra book scanner is designed for scanning books, documents, and other materials quickly and efficiently. Here are some key features and information about the CZUR Shine Ultra book scanner:
  1. High-Quality Scanning: The CZUR Shine Ultra uses a high-resolution camera and advanced image processing technology to capture documents and books with excellent clarity and sharpness.
  2. Auto-Flatten Technology: It features an auto-flatten technology that helps eliminate the curvature of book pages, ensuring even and sharp scans.
  3. Fast Scanning Speed: The CZUR Shine Ultra is designed for fast scanning, allowing you to scan a page in just a few seconds.
  4. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): It often comes with OCR software that can convert scanned text into editable and searchable digital documents.
  5. Compact and Portable: The CZUR Shine Ultra is relatively compact and portable, making it suitable for both home and office use.
  6. Compatible with Various Materials: It can scan a wide range of materials, including books, documents, magazines, and even 3D objects.
  7. Integrated Lighting: The scanner typically includes built-in LED lighting to ensure good visibility and accurate scanning.
  8. Software Features: CZUR often provides software that allows for image enhancement, cropping, and document management.
Please note that product details and features may change over time, so it's a good idea to visit the CZUR website or check the latest reviews and information to get the most up-to-date details on the CZUR Shine Ultra book scanner if you're considering purchasing one.