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Epson InkTank printers are a series of inkjet printers manufactured by the Japanese electronics company, Epson. These printers are known for their innovative and cost-effective approach to printing. Instead of using traditional ink cartridges, Epson InkTank printers utilize refillable ink tanks, which can be easily replenished with low-cost ink bottles. This design reduces the overall printing cost and minimizes the need for frequent cartridge replacements. Epson InkTank printers are popular for their high-quality color printing capabilities, making them a preferred choice for home and small business users who require sharp and vibrant prints, including text documents and images. The ink tank system also offers a significant advantage in terms of long-term cost savings compared to traditional cartridge-based printers. In summary, Epson InkTank printers are known for their affordability, efficient ink management, and impressive print quality, making them a practical choice for users who print frequently and want to reduce their printing expenses.


The Epson LQ-350 is a dot matrix printer manufactured by Seiko Epson Corporation. It's a compact and reliable dot matrix printer known for its durability and suitability for various business and office applications. Here are some key features and information about the Epson LQ-350 dot matrix printer:
  1. Technology: The Epson LQ-350 uses dot matrix printing technology. It's a type of impact printer that creates characters and images by striking a ribbon against the paper, forming dots. This technology is known for its robustness and ability to create multiple copies through carbon paper.
  2. Speed: The LQ-350 is capable of printing at a speed of up to 347 characters per second (cps) at 10 characters per inch (cpi) in high-speed draft mode.
  3. Print Resolution: It typically offers a relatively low print resolution, usually around 240 x 360 dots per inch (dpi). This resolution is suitable for basic text and simple graphics.
  4. Connectivity: It typically connects to a computer or network via a parallel port or USB port. Some models may have additional interfaces to support different connectivity options.
  5. Paper Handling: The printer is designed for various paper sizes and types, including continuous paper, multipart forms, envelopes, and more. It can handle single sheets, continuous paper, and multi-part forms.
  6. Reliability: Dot matrix printers like the LQ-350 are known for their durability and longevity. They can often work well in challenging environments and continue to function reliably for many years.
  7. Compatibility: The LQ-350 is compatible with various operating systems, including different versions of Windows and possibly some other platforms.
  8. Noise Level: Dot matrix printers can be quite noisy compared to modern inkjet and laser printers due to the impact printing mechanism.
  9. Applications: The Epson LQ-350 is suitable for tasks that require multiple copies, such as invoices, shipping labels, and other business documents. It is also used in industries where continuous forms or multipart forms are common, such as in accounting or manufacturing.
  10. Consumables: This printer typically uses ribbons as consumables, and the ribbon's lifespan can vary depending on the usage.


Description. The Epson LQ-2180 black printer ribbon cartridge isĀ professionally designed to produce the highest quality printouts for your Epson printer. This is an ideal choice printer ribbon cartridge for your Epson printer. Epson ribbon cartridges deliver excellent, dependable results, page after page.