The Dell Latitude E5450 is a business-class laptop that was released as part of the Latitude series. It features various configurations, including models with Intel Core i5 processors. The specific specifications of the laptop can vary depending on the model and the options chosen at the time of purchase.

Here are some general specifications for a Dell Latitude E5450 with a Core i5 processor:

  1. Processor: It typically comes with Intel Core i5 processors, which can vary in terms of the specific model (e.g., Core i5-5200U, Core i5-5300U, etc.).
  2. Memory (RAM): The laptop may have various options for RAM, with most models having 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of DDR3L RAM.
  3. Storage: Storage options vary, but you may find configurations with hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD) ranging from 128GB to 256GB or more.
  4. Display: The Latitude E5450 typically features a 14-inch display with options for both HD (1366 x 768) and Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolutions.
  5. Graphics: It generally uses integrated graphics, such as Intel HD Graphics 5500 or similar.
  6. Operating System: These laptops often come with Windows operating systems, but you can find models with other OS options or without an OS.
  7. Ports and Connectivity: The Latitude E5450 is equipped with various ports and connectivity options, including USB ports, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  8. Battery Life: Battery life can vary depending on the battery size and usage, but you can typically expect several hours of use on a single charge.
  9. Build and Design: The Latitude E5450 is known for its durable build quality, with a focus on business and professional users. It often has a slim and lightweight design.
  10. Security Features: Business-class laptops like the Latitude series often include security features like a fingerprint reader and TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for data protection.

Please note that the specific specifications can vary based on the model and any customizations made at the time of purchase. If you have a particular configuration in mind or need detailed information about a specific model, I recommend visiting Dell’s official website or referring to the documentation provided with your specific laptop.

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